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KYOCERA is taking your document workflow to the next level.

Finally there’s a solution on the market that exhausts the cloud’s full capabilities. One that offers you convenience and simplicity, frees your employees’ potential, gets rid of your servers and cuts your costs. All the while keeping your data secure in a true virtual private network.

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5 reasons why
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Holistic approach

We move your whole print infrastructure to the cloud. Everything that happens between your users hitting print and the document arriving at the print device is now taken care of by us. The result:

  • Liberation of your IT resources
  • Improved reliability of your print environment
  • Increased agility thanks to the scalability of our services

Reducing employee workload

According to a recent Loudhouse survey, your IT staff spends 1/3 of their work time fixing print-related issues. With our Cloud Service Packages, your staff can use that time for more productive activities. Maintenance, regulating print policies and troubleshooting can be done remotely, ensuring a more stable and reliable print environment. Print just happens, and happens right, every time, all the time.

Your private cloud in best hands

Of course, when we talk about big business, securing your data the best way possible is non-negotiable. That’s why we’ve partnered with one of the world’s most secure institutions, KDDI data house, to provide you with a true virtual private network. This means:

  • No public cloud – your data is never exposed to the Internet
  • Both inbound and outbound data is encrypted

No sensitive data inside the cloud

Unhappy with the idea of your print data leaving the company in the first place? Our optional local spooling feature reports unspecific metadata to the cloud, meaning your print policies can be applied more securely. For peace of mind:

  • Network bandwidth is conserved
  • The remote cloud server will manage accounting for the local group
  • Print jobs and user info are not shared outside of the local group or premises

Reducing your costs

Since we’re able to manage and maintain your print infrastructure much more efficiently in our cloud, you can end up saving a lot of money. Our Cloud Service Packages cover major cost drivers like server space, network bandwidth, IT support, hardware maintenance, consumables and energy. Also, you can free up capital that was previously tied up in print servers or stocked consumables.

How it works

How we get you there


  • Establish an understanding of your key operational objectives.
  • Collect the information required for an informed design, including benchmarking of WAN links to test viability.


  • Design and review the proposed cloud print infrastructure and service.
  • Plan and agree the implementation schedule.


  • Formalise deliverables and Service Level Agreements.
  • Monitor performance data to maintain and refine service.

Find the right
cloud service package
for your needs:

Service Packages

Set your security policy to grant access by PIN, ID card or Windows login or in a two-phase authentication combination. Users have to log in to activate device functionality.


Secure printing, data encryption and Print&Follow function ensure your documents can only be accessed and printed by authorised people.


Users can track their printing volumes and managers can control and reduce printing costs.


Keep detailed statistics about printing costs generated by a project, user or department.


Print documents from your mobile device easily via cloud server.


Print or scan documents from your mobile device easily via cloud server.


Print jobs are spooled locally and documents sent directly to devices. Your data doesn‘t leave your company.


One click changes the destination of your scanned documents. Choose between destinations like private or group folders, or start complex and automated workflows.


Scan documents and create searchable, editable content with text recognition for over 100 languages.


Select a predefined process directly from the multifunctional device panel. It guarantees compliance with workflow regulations and supports scripting, barcode recognition and connectors to market-leading DMS / ERP software.



There’s every chance you'll find our Cloud Services more reliable than your existing print network.

  • Our solutions are designed to guarantee Service Level Agreements.
  • Your IT team are focused on supporting the print network and not distracted by other business and IT issues.
  • Sophisticated power distribution, cooling and building management systems at the data centre protect uptime.
  • Services are built, operated and managed to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO/IEC27001:2005, BS25999:2007 (BCM) standards.

Correctly configured, KYOCERA Cloud Services process data as quickly as your existing print server, with no perceptible difference in performance for end users.

  • Powered by a Tier III data centre offering up to 1 Gbps bandwidth.
  • Instantaneously processes, checks and routes print requests.
  • Users collect their prints from the appropriate device as normal.
  • The Internet connection speeds at your sites will have a bearing on performance, so we include this in our initial review.

KYOCERA Cloud Services are your own virtual private print network.

  • Secure data pipeline means your information is never exposed to the Internet.
  • Your data is encrypted and transmitted by secure VPN using firewall technology.
  • Strong API access control with dependency chain analysis and monitoring.
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning and configuration audits for consistent security levels.
  • The KYOCERA private cloud operates dedicatedly for your single organisation to offer the highest level of security and control.


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